Judy Mueller



Senior Vice President

Judy Mueller, the “J” in JB Vang, has been in the real estate business for over 35 years. She began her real estate career as the Assistant Building Manager at the Griggs-Midway building, a 350,000sf office-warehouse which was ultimately converted to full office. Judy became the Building Manager/Leasing Agent Griggs in 1975 and took a 1/2 full building to 97% filled in 1977, then assisted in the sale of the property and stayed on as Manager/Leasing Agent until 1982.

In 1978 Judy located the 333-On Sibley building and participated in the sale of that building to the then new owners of the Griggs-Midway building. Judy, Jed Davidson and Lynn Davern then completely renovated that property and took it to 92% filled prior to Judy’s moving to work for the Palen Management Company in the total rehab and re-leasing of the Iris Park Place building, a 50,000sf under- utilized warehouse class C building which has been place on the National Register of Historic Buildings. She continues as leasing agent for Iris Park Place yet today.

Shortly after completing Iris Park Place, she was approached by the Lindley Family Trust who then hired her and Palen Property Management to turn the Bigelow Building, 100,000sf single tenant building into a multi-tenant property. The building was completely rehabbed and managed by Judy until she sold it for the Trust at which time it was 100% leased.

In 1984 JB Vang was retain for the management and leasing rights of Iris Park and the Bigelow building, expanded the company to take on the management and leasing of the Metro Square Building, a 350,000sf property in Downtown St. Paul. In 1985 JB Vang was retained to provide leasing services to Spruce Tree Centre and increased its occupancy from 50% to 97% at the end of the second year and 1919 University Avenue from empty to 100% leased in a 14-month period.

Judy is very involved in the Midway Area. She served on the Board of Directors for the Midway Chamber of Commerce for 9 years and was the Membership Chair for 2 years. She served on the Midway YMCA Board for 3 years and chaired both the Membership and Development committees. She spent 6 years as a Board Member for Midway Training Services where she also served as a Board Chair for 2 years. Judy was the “real estate expert” for the St. Paul Pioneer Press’s “Ask the Experts” column for 5 years.